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Sea Services International is quality conscious organization comprising of young and highly motivated personnel’s, striving for excellence.

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The company was Established in 1999 with its Head Office in Faisalabad and branch offices in Karachi and Lahore . Since then we are evolved to meet the challenging client’s needs and flourishing universal business opportunities and our clients have chosen and found us awarding return on their investment.

Ever since the foundation of Sea Services International, it has followed the customer oriented management philosophy of "TEAM WORK IS OUR SPIRIT, EXCELLENCE IS OUR GOAL."

Keeping in view this motto Sea Services International arrange regularly seminars lecture and operational training courses for its team. Now Sea Services International has a team work and all of them are very professional, efficient and well experienced. As shipping is a closely-interwoven industry which requires close co-ordination among personnel on port and office and constant control over every aspect of operations to provide an efficient and effective services in order to achieve the goal. Keeping in view all requirements of this industry, Sea Services International’s team become "THE SEA SERVICES FAMILY". The Sea Services Family is very famous for providing efficient services to its clients.

Being both Domestic and International freight forwarders we are providing services to all countries in the free world. We are utilizing the services of commercial carrier’s whose schedules best meet our clients needs, whether by air, by sea or by road transportation.

What distinguishes us from our competitors. i.e. The Fastest most efficient and cost effective method of cargo delivery.