Power to lead


In order to handle a customer oriented organization and to provide maximum satisfaction to the customer, the management has appointed the most professional staff who has their names in their specific field / department.

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We save time money by eliminating the need for multiple carriers and agents. We have a network of associates round the world to ensure on time shipment arrival at destination. We have made services Contracts with all major shipping lines of repute. This is based on accumulative cargo of miscellaneous shippers of the same destination, which is beyond the reach of individual shipper. For instance if individual shipper has a cargo for a specific destination. He may not be in position to negotiate the freight rate as competitive as that of ours because of our offering for the same destinations on account of various shippers.


“SEA SERVICES INTERNATIONAL" Sharing his complete experience with all the head office staff and monitoring the performance of their all offices / branches, covering all areas of Pakistan specially export cargo processing and industrial cities.


The co-ordination of sales team shows the good performance due to healthy activities of all the branch offices including head office every member of the sales team is well responsible for his booking and promises and having equipped cargo tracking system and sources for customer satisfaction.


On behalf of documentation department we are going to satisfying maximum needs of our clients domestically & internationally. Operation department is fully responsible of cargo and to give the required in time information to the destination through pre-alerts as well as the shipment detail. KPT, KICT and QICT terminal handling operation team in Karachi is working on prompt reply to the up-country offices.