Land Transport

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Land Transport

The transport industry is one of Pakistan 's biggest but most disorganized sectors. Dealing with truckers is not easy and you need to be IN the business to know who to trust. Payment terms, insurance, timely delivery guarantee, and safe handling are all wanted by shipper but not reliably provided for by the average trucking company.

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To solve these problems and facilitate our customer we have introduce our own Land Transportation Facility with name of AL NASIR GOODS TRANSPORT CO. Who is responsible to pick the cargo from door and to delivery up till sea ports.

Since Pakistan is one of the countries used to move cargo from upcountry towards sea ports , we have detailed information and experience.

We can arrange transport to all major cities including Faisalabad , Multan , Lahore , Sialkot , Islamabad & Karachi.

Besides inland transport, we can arrange a complete freight solution from any point of origin through our worldwide network.

The route for the transport of cargo is usually Warehouse-dry ports or sea ports.

We are also able to arrange transshipment of air cargo from Warehouses to all major Pakistani airports and also from All Major Pakistani Airports to all over the Pakistan.